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Thank You

Dear Raul Bustillo

Thank you for representing me in my legal matter with Workers Compensation . It was a stressful situation but you were always there. You fought extremely hard for me and I am very pleased with the outcome. I received more than I expected. You are truly a blessing and I can’t thank you enough.

Erik Gallego

Highly recommended

I would definitely recommend Raoul to others. He worked very hard on my case. His concern was to do anything he could to help me.


Highly recommended

I would highly recommend Mr. Bustillo. He was always available to talk if I had any questions about the case and worked really hard to get the best result at the end.


Great Lawyer

The firm I was using prior had made so many mistakes on my case. I couldn’t get appointments with physical therapists, doctors or anything else – the firm wouldn’t even get back to me when I called, this went on for so long and i had enough. The week I hired Raoul Bustillo he was like a whirlwind. He took over my case and got things done right away! That week I was going to PT and to the right doctors. He had changed the whole case around in my favor. I was so stressed out before and when he took over I was able to relax and rely on my new attorney to work on my behalf and work for me instead of feeling like i was doing everything and someone else would get paid. I am so happy and satisfied at the job that was done for me. I would refer Raoul Bustillo to everyone.


The Best

Raoul was the right guy for me. He worked on my case for more then 3 years and was with me every step of the way. Always returned my calls and texts, always was on time for meetings and gave great advice throughout the legal process. He takes what he does very seriously and genuinely cares about his clients and how they are affected by the outcome he produces. When it comes to workers compensation lawyers Raoul Bustillo and his staff are top notch.


Professional and Supportive

Raoul Bustillo carefully reviewed my case and agreed to represent me regarding an auto mobile accident in which I sustained injury. He was professional, supportive and took the time to understand the details of my case. His attentiveness and determination helped a great deal with the agreed settlement. He was always willing to go the extra mile and will work hard on your case. I highly recommended Mr. Bustillo.


Excellent and Professional Service

Mr. Bustillo is an excellent attorney. My questions, concerns and phone calls were always answered and returned promptly. My case was successfully settled and a significant financial burden has been alleviated for my lifetime due to the favorable outcome of my case. Mr. Bustillo has my highest recommendation.


Very skilled Lawyer with a heart

Raoul Bustillo is an outstanding person and an excellent Attorney. He worked on my workers compensation case. From the moment I met with him I knew he took my case seriously. He was totally invested in my case the entire time. He answered all my questions and was always just a phone call or text away. He made sure I was compensated for my injuries. If you are looking for a top notch Attorney look no further. I am proud to recommend my Attorney, Raoul Bustillo.

Officer John


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