Verdicts & Results

Civil Lawsuit / Family & Estate Law

In 2007 I obtained $1,500,000 for an elderly man who had been abandoned by his millionaire son. I successfully argued that the son had created a trust for his father when the son prepared a letter promising to care for the father in his later years.

Construction Accident / Personal Injury

In February 2022, Mr. Bustillo secured a $1,250,000 settlement for a fifty-six-year-old construction worker who fell off a scaffold from a height of 25 feet.  The worker survived the fall but sustained serious injuries, including a badly fractured left shoulder and vertebral disc pathology.  The worker required two shoulder surgeries and a lower back surgery.  During depositions, the worker’s supervisor admitted to Mr. Bustillo that the supervisor ordered the worker to climb the scaffold without a safety harness, arguing that the worker did not need such safety equipment under the existing work conditions.  The supervisor also intimated that the worker might have lost his job if the worker had refused to climb the scaffold.  Defendant argued that the fall was the construction worker’s own fault because the worker stepped on a stack of cinderblocks to augment his reach while on the scaffold.  One of the blocks tipped over, sending the worker tumbling through a thirty-inch gap between the scaffold and the building façade.  Mr. Bustillo hired a team of computer animators and OSHA experts to prove that defendant was in violation of numerous safety codes which proximately caused the workers’ accident, including failure to erect a guardrail on the scaffold, failure to install safety netting underneath the scaffold and failure to provide the worker with a fall arrest harness and lanyard.  

Construction Accident / Personal Injury

In 2013 I obtained $980,000 for an asbestos removal laborer who fell through the roof of an old firehouse that was being decommissioned and demolished. My client fell over 20 feet before landing on solid concrete. He survived the fall, but had broken practically every bone in his right arm and right hip. My client worked for a small subcontractor that had been hired by a large, national construction company. The large construction company failed to examine the structural integrity of the firehouse roof before sending the asbestos workers to the roof without nets or safety harnesses.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Personal Injury

In 2017 I obtained $750,000 for a young Bayonne school teacher whose life changed dramatically when her car was rear-ended at a stop sign. Two badly herniated lumbar discs caused my client so much pain that she had to sleep on her basement floor, because she could tolerate sleeping only on hard, cold surfaces. Her first surgery gave her almost no relief; so I researched and found one of the best neurosurgeons in the State, who performed a second, very complicated spine surgery that involved fusing four of her vertebrae together. After significant rehabilitation and effort, she was able to return to the classroom and the yoga studio.

Criminal Defense

In 2018, I defended a man accused of murdering his romantic rival in a bar fight. The Court found him not guilty of all charges. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he walked out of jail and greeted his family after having been held without bail for 11 months, because the presumption was that he would get 30 years to life in prison.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Uninsured Motorist

In May 2019, I settled an underinsured motorist claim for $250,000. The insurance company argued that my client’s policy was void or voidable because of certain representations made on the insurance application. I successfully argued that the application was confusing and misleading and that any ambiguity was the insurance company’s own fault.


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